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Lesson Information

A new 7 week term of weekly swimming lessons begins Monday to Sunday, the 7th - 13th of January. 

N.B. "Beginners" denotes Beginner 1, 2 and 3 at the same time slot unless otherwise stated.

Monday Lessons

Time Classes
3.30 pm Preschool Beginners Improvers 
4.15 pm Beginners Improvers  Rookies
5.10 pm Beginners Improvers  Advanced 
5.10 pm Rookies    

Tuesday Lessons

Time Classes
5.15 pm Beginner1    
6.00 pm Preschool Beginners Improvers
6.45 pm Advanced    

Wednesday Lessons

Time Classes
3.15 pm Preschool Beginners Improvers
5.10 pm Pro Kids    
7.00 pm Pro Kids    

Thursday Lessons

Time Classes
5.15 pm Late Starters     
6.00 pm Beginners Improvers Advanced

Friday Lessons

Time Classes
4:30 pm Beginners Improvers  
5:15 pm Beginners Improvers Advanced

Saturday Lessons

Time Classes
10:00 am Preschool Beginners Improvers
10:00 am Advanced Rookies  
11:00 am Beginners Improvers Advanced
11:00 am Rookies    

Sunday Lessons

Time Classes
9:45 am Preschool Beginners Improvers
10:30 am Preschool Beginners Improvers

Level Guidelines

Ducklings - Preschool - Age 3 and up. Develop water confidence & play games.

Kiddy Kickers - Beginner 1 - Age 4 & up Confident. Kicking on front and back with floats and putting faces in the water.

Turtles - Beginner 2 - Streamlined on front without floats. Confident on back without floats. Attempt arm action. Kicking on front with float. Push & Glide.

Starfish (Beginner 3) - Front crawl 10m. Back crawl attempting arms. Roll front to back. Floating on front & back.

Goldfish (Improver 1) - Front crawl with breathing 12m, Back crawl 12m, Attempt Breastroke, Pick up objects from the bottom of the pool.

Dolphins (Improver 2) - Front crawl ½ length with breathing, Back crawl ½ length, Breastroke, Butterfly Legs.

Silver Fins (Improver 3) - Front crawl and Back crawl 20m, Breastroke 20m, Attempting butterfly, Attempting tumble.

Swordfish (Advanced) - Front crawl, Back crawl, Breastroke, Butterfly 15m, Sculling.

Rookies (Rookie Lifeguard) - An introduction to lifesaving skills

Pro Kids - Improve technique, build stamina through coached sets.

What to Bring

Togs, towel, hat & goggles. Armbands are not required.

Everyone must shower before entering the pool.

Please ensure that children are collected promptly after lessons.

Please lock away all belongings in the lockers provided.

Call us for advice or book on 051-390176

Lesson Prices & Details

(Ch) Children's lessons (Age 4 & up) are 45 minutes long - 35 minutes instruction and 10 minutes supervised playtime at a cost of €60 for 7 weeks.

(Pre) Pre-school lessons (aged 3) are 30 minutes in duration. This is an introduction to the pool and concentrates on building water confidence and basic swimming skills. Classes cost €48 for 7 weeks.

(Ch) Rookie's is a 45-minute class consisting of theory, dry activities, and pool work. This is an introduction to lifesaving skills and is suitable for children of an advanced level. There are three grades: gold, silver, and bronze. Mondays: 5:10pm, Fridays: 4:10pm & Saturdays at 10 & 11am.

Pro-Kids is a weekly training session for advanced kids to improve stamina, get stroke advice & learn some new swim skills. Cost is €40 for 7 weeks. Tuesdays at 6:45pm, Wednesdays at 5:15pm or 7pm.

(Ch) Late Starters Suitable for children aged 9 and up including teens. This is a class exclusively for older kids and teens starting to learn how to swim and gaining water confidence in a group setting. Thursdays at 5:15pm. Cost is €60 for 7 weeks.

Adult's weekly swimming lessons are 45 minutes in duration and the cost is €65 for 7 weeks. Taught in a small group setting. Beginners, Mondays at 8pm. Improvers, Wednesdays at 8pm. Cost is €65 for 7 weeks.

Family Discounts: (Pre)(Ch) 1 Ch: €60 2 Ch: €114. 3 Ch: €160. 4 Ch: €207. 5Ch: €247. 1 Pre + 1 Ch: €102.50. 1 Pre + 2 Ch: €153. 1 Pre + 3 Ch: €202. 2 Pre: €92.
For other rates please phone 051 390176 or
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